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    The rules of this forum are largely based on RFC1855, a widely accepted internet standard for netiquette. These rules are applicable in the main website, forums, PM system.

    Section 5: Moderation

    Users must be aware of what Moderators are here to do on the Fireworks Forums, and what punishments they can expect if they are in breach of the forum rules.

    Moderators are expected to lead by example, and as such are subject to the general forum rules, as well as the code of conduct and the more stringent Moderator Code of Conduct. Moderator discipline is handled by the Administration Team if required. We make this decision to escalate any complaint, not the userbase.

    Respect staff and Moderators
    The moderators are here to assist the Developers and members and ensure the smooth running of the forums. It's their job to enforce the rules. If they ban a member, edit/remove a post or lock a thread - it will be for a reason. Do not dispute a moderator's decision or argue with them in the forums. If an action is taken against you that you feel was made in error or unjustified, you can appeal by following the steps laid out in point 6 of this section.

    Infraction System
    Warnings are given by moderators to those who break the rules. Warnings are issued via our Infraction System. All warnings are logged in our automated database, and we are aware of those who have a 'previous record'.

    This system is effective but quite difficult to explain.

    The most common method of action towards offenders is the following:

    1. When you break a rule, a moderator will warn you via the automated warning system. The 'level' of the warning will depend on the offense. You will automatically receive a private message and email you to make you aware that your account has received a warning. Whether you respond to the warning or not, we will assume that you are aware of the situation. Depending on the severity of the offense, you may be temporarily/permanently banned.
    2. If you continue breaking rules, a moderator will warn you again. You can be warned for each post you make that breaches forum rules.

    If you have been banned, it was not without warning or reason. Do not send in emails requesting to be un-banned. At this point, your requests are falling upon idle ears. If you are temp banned, you may be subject to having your ban lengthened as a result.

    Ban Requests, Post Deletion Requests
    If you find a post which you find overly offensive, please report the post or private message a moderator or administer and we will determine any further course of action.

    Temporary Bans are most commonly issued as opposed to permanent bans. If your account is temporarily disabled, do NOT create another account. Bypassing a temporary ban may result in a more permanent action, and your duplicate account being perm banned. If you are perm banned, you are not welcome to return to the forums.

    Multiple Forum Accounts
    Users must NOT create more than one forum account, for any reason. Doing so will leave accounts open to deletion at any time with or without prior notice. The forum has systems in place that automatically pick up and alert the team of multiple accounts.

    Complaints Against Moderators
    If you have a VIABLE complaint against a particular moderator, we suggest you try to work out your situation via Private Message or email with him/her. Do not post your issues in any forums. If you do, we will warn you via the Infraction System and remove it. Ignoring this procedure will result in a ban.

    Harassment of Team members
    Harassment of staff members via e-mail, instant messages, or other means of contact is a punishable offense, and could result in legal charges should the contents be serious enough. This includes registering inflammatory user accounts/names to indirectly or directly, verbally or otherwise attack team members.
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